DMMCarpentry Contractors License:
NJ 13VH09089700
PA 134496


Custom doors built

for this kitchen

Upstairs hallway of the home pictured above

Many of these Pictures were taken while I worked for Stopa Carpentry & G.C., LLC.

Some are from my own weekend work. Newer pics are from my own business.

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The Kitchen of the lake house pictured below

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Fine Woodworking For Your Home


Stopa Carpentry & G.C., LLC.  Built this home. We subcontracted the siding  but the all the rest was built by us. This was built and framed from the ground up. I framed and installed doors and windows and trimmed on most of this home.I built many of the decks and the stairs and I installed all of the railings. It took over 2 years from start to finish. I have many pictures from the inside of this home pictured on this website as well.

Upstairs hallway in the lake home pictured

Custom made bookcases and columns. I did all the trim as well.

Cabinets that I custom built and finished for one of my kitchens that I also installed


Custom Built Cabinets

I custom built and installed these cabinets