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DMMCarpentry Contractors License:

NJ 13VH09089700

PA 134496


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     David Martinez 

     Custom Built

     Cabinets And


  • All Sizes and styles of Crown Molding

  • Coffered Ceilings

  • Decks

  • Porches /Columns /Arches

I live in Sussex County, Northern New Jersey. I am a master carpenter who has worked in all aspects of the woodworking trades. I started working as a helper in 1988. Then as a carpenter For Ulvid Construction in 1990. Most of the pictures that you see here are from the last 23 years. I look forward to serving you.

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I have 33 years experience

as a carpenter. I have worked in hundreds of homes. I have earned the trust of all the people that I have worked for. I have built libraries,installed many kitchens, and hung hundreds of doors. I have been involved in building complete homes from the ground up. I have built many decks and installed 1000's of feet of railing. There is not much that I haven't done as a woodworker.

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Fine Woodworking For Your Home

  • Door Installation

  • Window Installation

  • Paneled Dining Rooms

  • Any kind of Trim Molding installation
  • Custom Made Cabinets To Your Specifications

  • Custom Bookshelves and Shelving

  • Kitchen Installation

  • Cabinet installation/all types